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Benefits for Lenders


  • Eliminate your construction draw department entirely
  • Decrease loan servicing costs while enhancing your service
  • Reduce mechanics lien risk
  • Ensure 100% of funds are used to improve value of underlying asset
  • De-risk your loan portfolio with increased governance and improved visibility

Benefits for Builders


  • Eliminate your construction payable department entirely
  • Be a hero to your Subcontractors and Suppliers 
  • Enhance project throughput and cycle time performance
  • Qualify for non-recourse financing
  • Improve relations with lenders and construction trades
  •  Gather valuable payment data 

Benefits for Trades


  • Eliminate your construction receivable department entirely
  • Get paid immediately on completion of the task
  • Achieve a new level of cash flow
  • Eliminate expensive call backs to the job site with built-in quality checklist & photos
  • Reduce variance cost and warranty expense 

True Win-Win-Win



A win for the Lender or Investor



A win for the Prime or General Contractor


 A win for the Trades 


Secure 'Micro-Draw' Technology

Our secure Micro-Draw technology allows faster payments at the daily task level, lower financing & insurance costs, and helps attract the best construction trades. 

old versus new

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Trades Get Paid Faster Than Your Competition Can Pay


Your trades will crawl over broken glass to come work for you first! General Contractors realize real competitive advantage

You Get the Best Trades First as the Preferred Contractor


With your ability to pay immediately after the completion of each construction task, five days a week, the trades will send their best crews

Receive Automatic Lien Waivers from Your Trades


Using Smart Contract technology, automatic lien waivers are transmitted to lenders upon each payment

Trades Provide Faster Overall Project Cycle Times with Prompt Schedules


When Trades  get paid fast, they show up on the job fast and complete their work as quickly as possible

Trades Receive Deposits Directly into Their Checking Account


Your trades not only get paid potentially 5 days a week, but have the funds wired directly into their checking account

Task Based Checklists Provide Enhanced Governance Over Payments


 Each construction task pay point can include detailed checklist approval with photo/video documentation

Payment to Secondary Payees such as Manufacturers


Secondary payees such as subcontractor suppliers and manufacturers, can also have secured payment with direct deposit

Better Trade Partnerships and Project Pricing


When Trades know when they are going to be paid, and how much they are going to be paid, they can provide better pricing and service

Enhanced Collaboration with Your Trades and Lenders


With enhanced communication between trades and general contractor, but also from trade to trade

State-of-the-Art Field Support on all Mobile Devices


With all participants to the construction project provided with free mobile application access using the latest in mobile app design, no one gets left out

Better Transparency and Audit Information Easily Available


Transparency and visibility back to lenders has been opaque at best, and typically non-existent.  Blockchain enabled transactions changes that in a big way

Blockchain based Distributed Ledger Technology


Distributed Ledger Technology brings a "single source of the truth" to all participants of a construction project.  No more burdensome reconciliation and disputes


Checklists Provide Enhanced Governance Over Task Payment Approval


 Each checklist item will include GPS and time stamping that can include specific photo/video documentation

Each construction task can only be paid when it is viable for payment based on critical path dependencies.


For example, a roofer can’t be paid prior to the decking being complete 

Geo-fencing Only Allows Task Payment Approval when Physically Located on Project Site


  The same also applies to checklist submittal and approval.

BuilderPay de-risks the entire construction payment chain

Secondary construction project participants can create risk that might be unknown to the lender and general contractor.  

 By having vendors that are primary construction project participates use the commitment tokens that have received during the bid award process, and then forwarding those commitment tokens on to these secondary construction project participates as a form of payment is efficient and effective.

This method of distributing these commitment tokens not only forms a guarantee of payment for these secondary construction project participates (as shown in the diagram below), but significantly de-risks the exposure to lenders and general contractors as well.


Secondary Payees

Any one of these "secondary project payees" can create a problem for you, even if you didn’t contract with them. 

You might not know who these secondary project payees are.  

Until you find out the hard way.

BuilderPay can serve these secondary payees with a level of control and governance that couldn't exist prior to our revolutionary technology.

Secondary Payees CAN BENEFIT TOO

Payment to Secondary Payees such as Manufacturers


Secondary payees such as the subcontractor’s manufacturers can have secured payment with direct deposit immediately upon equipment being delivered to Project Site.  No need to wait for the subcontractor for payment.

Payment to Secondary Payees such as Suppliers


Secondary payees such as the subcontractor’s suppliers (or multiple suppliers) or can have secured payment with direct deposit to their business checking account

Payment to Secondary Payees such as Contract Labor


Secondary payees such as a subcontractor's direct contract labor can also have secured payment with direct deposit to their personal checking account



Single page, minimal click design allows for super-fast updates.

 Manage tasks, checklists, vendors and payments from the field


BuilderPay is a turnkey service that allows you manage your construction funds, using project task management, quality and safety checklists to facilitate immediate payments to subcontractors and suppliers in an entirely new and easy way.

Ant works on any phone, tablet, or computer. 

Start Now by Funding the Project Escrow

If you are a lender, an investor, a general contractor, or a home owner funding a custom home project or a remodeling project, you can provide the benefit of paying your subcontractors quickly, while assuring the the funds are only used for the intended process and any lien rights are released automatically upon payment.

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